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Attracting Members

Buddy Player offers many promotional opportunities for clubs to attract new members.

You can add your club to our site through the “Add a Listing facility” which will enable you to advertise all that your club has to offer.

You can upload your logo, links, photos, description etc to create an additional advertisising stream to your existing marketing programme.

We also offer bespoke video creation  personalised for your club.

For more information click here.

Helping Members

Having Buddy Player as a part of your recruitment/induction process will bring many great benefits.  Fundamentally, it will give you the opportunity to show your prospective new members how easy it will be for them to meet and play with other members. 

Research has found that after initial tennis introductory sessions, new members of clubs often struggle to find players of a similar ability to play with.

Buddy Player solves this problem for you and your members by facilitating personalised social media groups exclusive to your club.


Keeping Members

Happy members stay members!

Part of the success of attracting and maintaining members is to ensure that people feel part of your club. 

Buddy Player helps with this by connecting players of all abilities and facilitating both competitive and social events. 

We offer a simple and fun way for you to inform and advise members about various offers, competitions, fundraisers and events.

You can even add your own events as a promotional listing.


Our aim is to provide a site that will enable members to meet, practice and play together whilst at the same time promoting your club's courses, classes and coaches.


Most frequent questions and answers for clubs

Create a listing and include details of your facilities, coaches and classes (effectively advertising your services).  Then build a group to facilitate communication between you and your members.  

A basic listing is free of charge.  There is a tiered subscription package if you would like to add enhanced features to your listings.  Subscriptions are flexible and can be amended to suit your business. 

You are able to assign Moderator rights to an employee/member of your choice who has full control over your club group page.

There are three types of group page that can be set up:-

Public (anyone can join)

Private (members need to request to join)

Hidden (members are sent a link). 

…very easy!  You just need a few photos so you can personalise your group and then you can  invite people to join.  If you are a club, you could make this part of your membership package.

That’s up to you.

There are three different options when creating a group.

Public – Any site member can join

Private – Site members can request to join but need to be accepted by a moderator or the group creator.

Hidden – You can send a out a link for your members to join but no one else has any access to it.

Yes.  If you have a competition, open day or tournament,  you will be able to add a separate listing and link it to your main club listing.   You can add as many listings as you like.

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