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Behind every successful tennis player is a professional coach. 

Whether you are employed by a tennis club or are self employed,

use Buddyplayer to promote your service to a target audience.

Some of our featured coaches

Attracting Clients

Whether you are a self employed coach or tennis club coach, Buddyplayer allows players to search for your service.

Our listing service allows you to promote yourself (including affiliation to clubs) and highlight any specialisms you may have e.g. coaching for competitive tournaments; working with beginners etc. 

Use this platform to detail your qualifications, personal success stories and why players should choose you as a coach. 

Helping Clients

Most tennis players recognise the need for coaching sessions in order to improve their game.

At every level of play, guidance is required to tweak positioning, movement, racket grip, strokes and serves – players need to be taught how to play tennis properly.

In between formal coaching sessions, you may be able to recommend a “Buddy Player” who your client could hit with to practice the techniques you have taught.

Keeping Clients

One of the difficulties for players new to tennis or players new to a club is finding opponents of a similar standard to play with.

The beauty of Buddyplayer is that it facilitates connection between players, coaches and clubs allowing instant communication. 

By building an online community and promoting social engagement amongst players, these same players are likely to want to take their game to the next level generating more coaching opportunities.

We believe that coaches could gain the most from being a part of Buddyplayer. Customise your own listing to promote your level of expertise. Let new and existing clients book your service online quickly and easily.


Most frequent questions and answers for coaches

A basic listing is free of charge.  There is a tiered subscription package if you would like to add enhanced features to your listings.  Subscriptions are flexible and can be amended to suit your preference.

Yes, we have an events listing package that, once completed can be linked to your coaching listing.

Yes – you can create groups for your clients.  This allows you to communicate any special offers, events that you may be offering.  

You have full control over who moderates your coach group page.

There are three different options when creating a group:-

Public – Anyone can join.

Private – Site members can request to join but need to be accepted by a moderator.

Hidden – You can send a out a link for your members to join but no one else has any access to it.

Buddy Players are tennis players who are willing to help others in between formal coaching sessions.  Generally providing “hit/practice” sessions, Buddy Players bridge the gap between formal lessons and give players the opportunity to practice the techniques they have been taught.

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