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Hotels and Tennis Resorts

Do you have a hotel or holiday resort that has tennis courts, classes, courses or coaching?

We could be the perfect solution for you and your customers.

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Most frequent questions and answers for hotels

Add a listing for your hotel or holiday company. Listings are effectively an advert on our site letting people know what services you offer.

A basic listing is free of charge.  There is a tiered subscription package if you would like to add enhanced features to your listings.  Subscriptions are flexible and can be amended to suit your business. 

If your hotel has tennis facilities, Buddyplayer is a great way of allowing your guests to communicate with one another.  Guests staying at your hotel can agree to be a member of your Group page whilst they are staying with you.  This will allow them to find other guests who are interested in playing tennis during their stay with you.

…very easy!  You just need a few photos so you can personalise your group and you can then invite guests (as well as others) to join.  For a hotel, information that you post to your group does not have to be solely related to tennis and you may choose to use it as another means of communicating news and events relevant to your establishment.

That’s up to you.

There are three different options when creating a group:-

Public – Any site member can join.

Private – Site members can request to join but need to be accepted by a moderator or the group creator.

Hidden – You can send  out a link for your members to join but no one else has any access to it.

Yes.  Depending on your location and requirements, we can offer various managed packages.  Please contact us for more details.

Our aim is to provide a site that will enable hotels and holiday resorts a unique opportunity to enhance the experience of their guests. By facilitating player availability, guests will be able to get the most out of their stay with you.

Build your page and sign up to see how Buddyplayer can help you attract and keep your guests happy – recommending your resort and coming back year after year. 

Getting started

Adding Your Resort

  • Register with Buddy Player
  • Add your resort by clicking on the add a listing button
  • Choose your prefered package
  • Fill out your page with all your details
  • Attract customers with photos, links. offers, videos etc

Your Social media platform

  • Once you’ve registered, a new membership menu opens up for you
  • Explore this to create your very own socail media platform
  • Upload content, news, photos, and videos for your customers
  • Create your own personal group for your guest to meet eachother
  • Share with your Coaches so they can do the same

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